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Product name:plastic 5.2L/175OZ food storage container organizer
Color:clear bottle with black cap
Features:Safe&non-toxic.Made of thick, durable, reusable plastic,100%BPA Free.

What’s more exciting than picking out a new food container when it comes to organizing the messy food in the kitchen?You and your friend carefully choose the box and discuss which design is best for you. You and the food containers just go together – like chips and noodles.

Excellent sealing: The one-piece sealing ring and snap-on lid seal securely. No need to worry about leaks. In addition, the gasket is integrally formed, and the gap will not be contaminated with stains, which is clean and hygienic.

Elegant Appearance: With a beautiful black cap and clear bottle, the large rectangular plastic airtight container set makes your kitchen more beautiful while allowing you to easily monitor the contents. It also stacks, making the most of vertical space in your cabinets and pantry.

Multiple uses:Ideal for use as a cereal container for baking supplies, flour and sugar storage, and to preserve chips, pasta, nuts, and more. Not only food for people, but also great food storage boxes for pets, cats and dogs.

Effective storage items:Since these food containers come with lids, it is easy to lock them. They can help preserve your food against external harmful elements like bacteria. When your food stains fresh, clean, and dry inside a food container, it improves the overall flavor of your meal. Contrasting to storing food in aluminum containers, the shelf life of plastic food containers is significantly high.

Transparent quality:another benefit of food containers for your home is the transparent quality it offers. Using a transparent lid provides a better way to see the content of your food. In addition, you can label these containers to specify whatever item you place on them.

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